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About Our Products

We Feature the Following Camouflage

  • Advantage® Timber™
  • Realtree® AP™
  • True Timber® Outdoors XD3
  • CamoWest
  • True Timber® Snowfall
  • True Timber® Snowfall Pink
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Tuxedo Vests & Ties

Our best selling Tuxedo Vests and Ties come in our camouflage prints in addition to our silky fabrics. Custom Tuxedo Vests and Ties are also available.


Our boxers come in two camo patterns:
  • Advantage® Timber™
  • Realtree® AP™
Boxer Features:
  • 100% Cotton Fabrics
  • 1/2" Fly Button on 2XL and 3XL
  • Men's Styles With 1-1/2-Inch-Wide Waistband
  • Made with Sport Elastic
  • Kid's Styles With 1-1/4-Inch-Wide Waistband, Made with Sport Elastic
  • Fifteen Sizes From Toddler Size 2 Through 3X (50-52)
  • Customizations available to suit your taste


  • Toddler, Youth, Teen, Tween and Men's Tie Sizes
  • Unique Fabric Patterns
  • Available in Camouflage and Satiny fabrics
  • 10 Monograms Available on Camo Ties, Turkeys, Ducks, Labs and Others
  • 100% Cotton or Cotton Blend
  • Customizations available to suit your taste


We sell wholesale to retailers. Email us with any questions.

Our Contact Information

By phone:
870 231-5048 (between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. CST)